It’s the time of year when you’re looking forward to your summer holiday, but whilst you’re getting excited preparing and packing, don’t forget the more serious subject of keeping your lovely home safe! Don’t worry though, as we’ve done all the hard work for you; read on for essential tips on making sure ydownload (1)our home is safe whilst you’re on holiday.

  1. Let a trusted neighbour know you’re going away and ask if they can keep an eye on things for you, and return the favour!
  2. Ask a reliable relative or friend to pop round a few times to check everything is in order and to make your home look lived in. Or get a house-sitter!
  3. Don’t broadcast on social media that you’re leaving your home unattended, that’s just asking for trouble!
  4. People always wonder whether to leave curtains open or closed;  open is best and doesn’t look as obvious, but if you normally close them, keep it that way.
  5. Keep your valuables hidden away and out of sight. Most burglars just grab what they can and get out, so hide your most valued possessions in less obvious places.
  6. Double check your home insurance and what it covers, just incase the worst does happen.
  7. Don’t leave the lights on, you’ll not only have a huge bill but having lights glaring during the night looks suspicious.  Consider investing in a light switch timer.
  8. Another way to make your home look lived in is to mow the lawns and tidy up your garden; leaving it unkempt makes it look likes there’s nobody home.
  9. Avoid all your mail stacking up and sign up to Royal Mail’s KeepSafe; they’ll keep your mail and send it to you upon your return.
  10. Unplug all electrical items; even if you switch everything off, some appliances still use power when plugged in, so unplug everything!
  11. Some people keep a spare key hidden outside their house somewhere, if you do make sure you remove it before you go away.
  12. It’s probably an obvious one, but triple-check that all doors and windows (and your car if you’re leaving it) are shut and securely locked. If you get paranoid about this, get someone else to check it too.54f0fbd48fba0_-_1-couple-vacation-tropical-lgn
  13. Make sure your burglar alarm is set. If you don’t have one, get one installed! Make sure your neighbours know you’re away so if they hear it go off they can alert the police.

Follow all these tips and your home will be safe and sound so you can enjoy your holiday without any worries!

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