You’ve moved out of your family home and are renting your own home; you finally have your freedom! But as much as you love having your own place, there’s still a few little things you miss about living at home. To celebrate International Day of Families this Sunday, we’re thinking about all the things we miss (and don’t miss) about living at home, and how you can make your new place feel that little bit more like home.

What you missFamily blog3

  • Reliable meals- you’re still trying to get the hang of this whole cooking thing, and are seriously starting to miss your mum’s food, especially Sunday roast
  • Being looked after when you’re sick- lets face it, there’s nobody who can look after you better than your mum. Now you live alone you’re pretty sure you’re gonna die
  • No responsibilities- this paying bills thing is all a bit too much, and you’re wondering if being an adult is really for you
  • Your pets- most apartments don’t allow pets and not seeing yours every day is heart breaking, can animals FaceTime?Family blog1
  • Having clean clothes ready and waiting for you- washing and ironing is such a chore, you have better things to do with your time, you’ll just have to do them looking like a scruff
  • Your siblings- yes you used to hate them and argue all the time, but now you think you’re actually starting to miss them, just a little bit
  • Not have to make decisions- there’s so many things in life now that require making the right decision, and you have no idea what to do. You literally ring your parents for everything
  • Heating- who knew trying to stay warm was so expensive? Wearing 10 jumpers isn’t as comfy as it soundsFamily blog5
  • A full fridge- and who knew food was so expensive, 3 quid for cheese, are you kidding?!
  • Having your dad fix everything and getting rid of spiders- no matter how many times you Google it, you still can’t figure out how to fix things. And since you can’t bring yourself to go near spiders, you’re sure they’ll soon take over your house
  • Being able to spend your money on anything- no more ridiculous purchases, meals out and holidays. You now have your own place, but you literally can’t do anything else!
  • Your parents- they might have done your head in sometimes, but you’re actually sad you won’t get to see them all the time

What you don’t missFamily blog7

  • Having your parents question your every move- where are you going? Who with? What time will you be back? Why do you sleep until midday?
  • Having to be quiet when you come in- it used to be like a minefield every time you came home late to try and make it upstairs and not wake anyone up. And god forbid if you wanted to bring someone back with you… Now you can come and go as you please!
  • Your siblings stealing your stuff- your clothes and hair stuff never goes missing now!Family blog6
  • Constantly being asked what you’re doing with your life- now you’ve moved out you don’t have the constant interrogations about all your life choices
  • Your parents questionable décor taste- you have now turned into an interior designer and your apartment is painstakingly coordinated and sophisticated
  • Being asked to do chores- no you don’t want to unload the dishwasher, sitting and staring at the wall is far more entertaining
  • The area you used to live- you do kind of miss your home town, but there are definitely some people you do not miss!Family blog2
  • Not having to answer to anyone- you finally have your freedom!


How to make your new home a bit more like home home

  • Bring as many items as you can take/steal from home so it feels more cosy and familiar
  • Have photos everywhere is nice frames of your family and friends so you don’t forget what they look like
  • Have a housewarming party with your family will create a happy atmosphere in your new home, and you can even have family nights round at yours every so often
  • Have little trinkets from your childhood round your home to make it your own
  • If you really miss your home, and your parents home was nice, nick a few of their décor ideas
  • Play music that reminds you of home and use scents to get that home smellFamily blog4

Even though you love your new home and love the freedom, your parents’ home will still kind of always be your real home. Let us know what you miss or don’t miss about living at home!




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