The frustrating thing about living in a rental home is trying to decorate without losing your deposit. But there are tips and tricks you can use in your home to brighten it up and make it your own, without annoying your landlord!

TRental decor3he key is to add colour! Rentals always come with plain white or cream walls, and in most you won’t be allowed to paint. So add colour in other ways: artwork, pictures, Rental decor1plants, tea towels, bed sheets, anything you can! Just don’t go too overboard. Use coloured furniture as well, such as a statement chair or bed frame, and if you don’t want to buy new things, just paint what you already have!

Displaying you belongings in open storage adds personality and gives a rental a more lived in fRental decor10eel, and it means things are easier to access! You can even do this with clothes using a rack (especially if you don’t have a closet). Another thing that makes a renRental decor11tal feel more homely is adding texture such as throws, cushions and rugs. Rugs can also help to cover up ugly flooring. Accessorizing without cluttering is essential; put trinkets and pictures around your home to make it feel like your own space, and use focal pieces such as statement furniture or a bar cart to really add something unique.

Rentals often come with awful blinds or none at all, so invest in a good pair of curtains that add colour and texture without making a mark. Quirky light fixtureRental decor6s are a great idea to change up a rental, as is changing the hardware such as cabinet handles and door knobs; just make sure you keep the old ones to switch over before you leave! Pay attention to the little things; use fun magnets on your fridge and colourful Washi tape to display photos. Rental decor5Rental decor7

There are now loads of great products specifically to help renters with these problems. You can buy removable wallpaper, tiles and contact paper to make your home more lively, and you’ll still get your deposit back. If this isn’t for you, you can wallpaper the inside of an open cabinet to add colour. Command hooks are also a genius invrental decor4ention that let you hang up pictures, jewellery and mirrors without drilling holes. Or alternatively, just rest pictures or artwork on top of a cabinet against a wall.

We spoke about the benefits of plants in a previous blog, and they help here too by adding life to your home. Display them in Rental decor2unique ways in quirky vases, old light bulbs or chandeliers (like here). There’s not just the décor of a rental that needs help, but sometimes the smell as well; use candles and incense so your home always smells delicious. You can even choose a rental home that already has character; a lot of old houses have beautiful quirky features such as old fireplaces, stained glass and exposed brickwork.

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