March has officially been named #CraftMonth. And with the Easter holidays here, what better way to get creative and keep the kids busy than making some Easter themed decorations. These five craft ideas are cheap and easy, and can each be made in just three simple steps! Hang them up over Easter to make your house feel like a home.

3D paper eggs3D paper eggs

  1. Draw egg shape, trace onto different coloured card and cut out
  2. Layer 5 eggs one on top of the other with edges lined up
  3. Staple down centre once or twice then fan out

Easter bunny buntingeaster bunny bunting

  1. Draw and cut out bunnies
  2. Add googly eyes and cotton wool ball tail
  3. Cut slits in ears, string through ribbon and hang up

Egg hunt basket

  1. Cut out template and decorate basketeaster egg basket
  2. Glue edges together, cut out handle and staple on
  3. Fill with tissue paper and add eggs!

Hanging Easter cones

  1. Cut out circle of coloured card and roll into cones and securPaper-Cone-Easter-Bunny-Chick-1024x680e
  2. Decorate with Easter theme and attach ribbons to either side
  3. Fill with shredded tissue paper, hang up and pop in your Easter treats

Animal paper cups

  1. Paint your paper cups in the colour of the animalPaper-Cup-Easter-Bunny-Chick
  2. For a bunny, cut out ears, add googly eyes, fluffy nose and pipe cleaner whiskers, fill with shredded tissue paper
  3. For a chick, attach pipe cleaner feet to the bottom, googly eyes and a triangle orange nose, and fill with yellow feathers

Happy Easter!


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