Are you put off renting a small apartment, or frustrated with the lack of space in your studio flat? Smaller or studio apartments can prove a bit of a challenge, but with our handy tips, you can make them into the perfect little home.

  • Make sure you let in plenty of light: this will make you apartment feel more open and spacious, so avoid heavy curtains and add plenty of light fixtures
  • Get to know the flow of your apartment: think about how you move around the space and move your furniture accordingly, making clear pathways to avoid frustration and bumping to thismultipurpose furnishings
  • Strategically place your furniture: for studio apartments use rugs, tables or lighting to create separate “rooms”
  • Multipurpose furnishings are you best friend: beds with storage underneath, hollow ottomans and tables, anything that doubles up as furniture and storage will free up space to create a clutter-free area
  • Get organised: this is the perfect opportunity to sort out your belongings and throw out anything you no longer use, then buy pretty organizers to store all your stuff away neatly
  • Create personality: it can be hard to make a small, rented apartment your own- use command hooks to hang up pictures and art without leaving holes in the walls
  • Clutter is the enemy: don’t fill small rooms up with lots of decorations, choose one distinct piece to display, and stick to one colour/shade for simplicity
  • Some small apartments don’t have an entrance hall; create your own foyer or ‘landing pad’ by putting a table, catch-all dishes and hooks for coats closetsnear your front door
  • Awkward features can be utilised: turn cubby holes into seating areas, a home office or storage spaces
  • Dot indoor plants around your living area: they make your apartment feel fresher, filter air and increase productivity
  • Make use of mirrors: they create depth making your space look bigger – prop one opposite a window to create the illusion of another window

Now you can create your own little haven in our one-bedroom apartments in York, Huddersfield and Skipton, or in our studio apartment in Leeds city centre. Find your new home on our website

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